Club History

The Sutter Club was founded in January 1889 after months of discussion and planning by the city’s commercial, agricultural, governmental and social leaders. Nineteen months later the first rooms of The Sutter Club were formally opened in the California State Bank at 4th and J streets.

Among the original founders were the original  "Forty-Niners," men who had come west to seek their fortunes in the gold fields. Their children, first generation Californians, comprised the rest of the founding group. The Club was home there for nearly 40 years.

Many of the city’s leading businesses and legal firms were started by Members of The Sutter Club and have contributed two, three or four generations of Members. Most of California’s Governors have belonged to the Club. Chief Justice Earl Warren and Justice Kennedy were also included in the Club's roster of Members.

In 1930, the present home of the Club was completed and opened for occupancy. During the 1930's, and well in the 1970's, The Sutter Club was the social hub of Sacramento.  Throughout the last quarter century, many other facilities have come onto the scene to share the tremendous growth of social and charitable activities, as Sacramento grew into a major metropolitan area.

Throughout its history, The Sutter Club and its Members have enjoyed a prominent place in the social and cultural life of Sacramento. Well into its second century, the Club continues to cultivate a dynamic membership of outstanding citizens, accomplished professionals and community leaders. It stands strong today and looks to a bright future, as rich and storied as its past.

Where Everything Is

Tailored to Perfection

Historically Sacramento

The Sutter Club's stately, unique presence greets you the moment you approach the historic building. The warmth of the interior will carry you through each room and every floor as you explore the historic architecture and exclusive art throughout the building. Nothing in Sacramento compares to The Sutter Club's ambiance.

Exclusive Formal Events

The Sutter Club's gracious facilities for special events, receptions and wedding parties are an exceptional venue for Club Members and guests alike. There is nothing else in Sacramento like The Sutter Club's ambiance, service and cuisine.

Exceptional Service

The Sutter Club's staff delivers exceptional service at every turn. From casual gatherings to the most formal events, the Club's staff approaches each detail with perfection.

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