Guest Information

  • Cell Phone & Dress Code
    • The Sutter Club continues to change with the times, and honors many of our longstanding and valued traditions. To achieve a perfect balance between the two ideals we expect guests to exercise good discretion for the variety of occasions you may attend.  
      Business attire at The Sutter Club is always encouraged. Members and their guests inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to remain in the Club.

      The Sutter Club attire is defined as: 
      • Formal Attire = Black tie; comparable attire for women 
      • Business Attire = Coat and tie; comparable attire for women 
      • Business Casual = Coat mandatory tie optional; comparable attire for women 
      • Relaxed Attire = Collared shirt, slacks or khakis; comparable attire for women 
        Jeans are not permitted for any occasion 

      • Not Permitted = Jeans, denim, shorts, T-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, spandex pants, tops exposing midriff, cargo pants, sweat clothes including hooded sweatshirts and flip flop sandals. 

      As with our Dress Code, there are traditions that make The Sutter Club a special place to visit and to be a part of. One of those is limiting cell phone use. Using a cell phone to place or receive a call or to retrieve voicemail messages is prohibited in the Club's common areas. Common areas include the 9th Street entry, lobby, Tap Room, Club Room, Grill Room, Library, Card Room, bathrooms, stairways, hallways, elevators, patio next to the California Room and patio outside the Library and Grill Room. All persons using the Club are required before entering the Club to place their cell phones on silent mode so no audible ringtones can be heard. Cell phone calls may be made in one of the Club's four phone booths on the first floor or in privately reserved rooms on the mezzanine level and third floor.

      Use of a cell phone for texting, emailing and calendaring is allowed in the common areas of the Club provided such use is kept to a minimum and does not impair the quiet enjoyment of common areas by other members and their guests. Use of iPads, Kindles, laptops and other similar personal electronic devises is prohibited in the common areas of the Club, but may be used in privately-reserved rooms on the mezzanine level and third floor. 

  • Golden 1 Center Event Dress Code
    •  Dress Jeans are permitted ONLY after 4 p.m. on Golden 1 Center event nights.and are restricted to the 1st Mezzanine and 1st Floor only. No frayed, bleached, or torn jeans will be allowed.

Where Everything Is

Tailored to Perfection

Historically Sacramento

The Sutter Club's stately, unique presence greets you the moment you approach the historic building. The warmth of the interior will carry you through each room and every floor as you explore the historic architecture and exclusive art throughout the building. Nothing in Sacramento compares to The Sutter Club's ambiance.

Exclusive Formal Events

The Club's gracious facilities for special events, receptions and wedding parties are an exceptional venue for Club Members and guests alike. THere is nothing else in Sacramento like The Sutter Club's ambiance, service and cuisine.

Exceptional Service

The Sutter Club's staff delivers exceptional service at every turn. From casual gatherings to the most formal events, the Club's staff approaches each detail with perfection.

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