Guest Information

Sutter Club Cell Phone & Dress Code Policy

Cell Phones:

The Sutter Club accommodates reasonable use of PDA devices (such as Blackberries, Droid and iPhones) and other personal electronic devices (such as iPads, Kindles, and other tablet-style devices but not laptops and netbooks), provided that such use does not impair the quiet enjoyment of common areas by other members and their guests. Prior to entering the Club, all electronic devices should be switched to a silent/vibrate mode. Members may freely use all portable electronic devices (including laptops and netbooks) in the fourth floor business center and in privately reserved rooms.  The General Manager has been authorized by the Board of Directors to implement and enforce this policy so as to maintain the appropriate social ambiance and decorum with the Club facility.

Use of cell phones is never permitted in the public areas of the Club.  If while visiting the Club, members or guests need to use a cell phone, they are required to step outside, use one of the private rooms or to utilize the phone booths on the first floor.

Dress Code:

The Sutter Club does not allow jeans, T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops or tank-tops. This dress code applies to outside events and private functions as well. Below are dress code guidelines:

  • Relaxed attire  in the Grill, Club Room and Bar
  • Formal: Black tie
  • Business Attire: Coat and tie
  • Business Casual: Coat mandatory, tie optional
  • Relaxed Attire: collared shirt, slacks or khakis
  • Rooftop Attire: collared shirt & nice dress shorts
  • Ladies should dress accordingly
  • No jeans or T-shirts allowed unless otherwise stated

Golden 1 Center Events Dress Code Policy:

Dress jeans (not frayed, bleached, torn, or holes) are allowed on weekdays when events are being held at the Golden 1 Center and are restricted to the 1st Mezzanine and 1st Floor.